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In an effort to find an eco-friendly, non-toxic solution for the cleaning of his fertigation tanks, our Plant Aid Ambassador in Arizona who is focused on the cultivation of Marijuana and Hemp turned to the Plant Aid Horticleaner. Similar to other growers, our grower needs to keep his tanks as well as irrigation lines free of residue to ensure a healthy crop and to protect the condition of his equipment.


This cleaning process resulted in the removal of 100% of the residue build up and left zero odor. Additionally, the grower reported that after the cleaning, residue took longer to return. His time between cleans is 7-10 days while using the Horticleaner, rather than every 3-5 days which is typical of similar products. It is also important to note that when Horticleaner was flushed through irrigation lines, the solution also cleaned the lines of unwanted build up. In his low flow emitters, for example, the Horticleaner broke up all salt build up and left no residue.


With several different ways to clean fertigation tanks and irrigation lines, our grower performed the following for his 100-gallon tanks:

Step 1: Drained tanks of dirty water
Step 2: Sprayed Horticleaner and wiped down all surface area of tank
Step 3: After first wipe down, sprayed Horticleaner once more on all surface area of tank and let dry
Step 4: Filled tank with zero residue and tank was ready for nutrition

To clean one 100-gallon fertigation tank, the grower used approx. 1.6oz of diluted solution.