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In an effort to START CLEAN AND STAY CLEAN, our Nevada-based Plant Aid Ambassador was looking for a solution that could be applied to freshly cut clones before being place into domes before rooting. The reason for this was to deliver clean tissue into a clean environment, which is crucial to getting your crop off to a strong start. Additionally, our Ambassador needed a “reset” for plants before beginning a new stage of growth in a new environment.


Results were recorded throughout the cloning process and at the start of veg and flowering stages of growth. Our Ambassador experienced nothing but clean plants. Previously, this grower had issues keeping plants clean and healthy. Beyond the clones, domes and root block surfaces remained in clean condition.


The Plant Cultivator & Cleanser was applied three times. First, onto freshly cut clones. Again, once transplanted and put into veg; and once more on the leaf surface once transplanted into flower. Our Ambassador used the suggest 15:1 ratio on the label. He sprayed approximately 120 clones, 55 Veg plants, and 24 plants that were set in flower. For clones, he used a small spray bottle with about 800ml of mixed solution. For the veg and flower, he used a 1-gallon pump sprayer with a wand. Our Ambassador also made sure to spray surrounding areas/equipment when spraying plants. As in clone trays and domes, as well as grow room walls and floors. A light mist was applied to all.